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Blessings and Inspiration 

A legendary human being, a noble soul and selfless charismatic person who dedicated whole of his life serving the mankind, especially those who need support the most. H.H. Santji aimed at serving the Lord in his human form, particularly of those who are in need. He worked towards helping the deprived by appealing the privileged to extend a generous helping hand for various benevolent activities in the field of health, education, patriotism and culture. His spiritual power and moral ethos continues inspiring us to uphold his ideals and philosophy. We bow our heads at his lotus feets and pay our deep tributes to the great soul.      



 Motivation & Guidance

A staunch disciple of His Holiness Sant Hirdaram Sahibji and very dedicated social worker, Shri Hotchand Dhanwani, popularly known as Siddh Bhauji, too has been devoting his life for the above mentioned purpose and is totally committed to achieve the targets of excellence fixed by his Guru.His simplicity, humility, inspiring leadership and especially that all pervasive passion to relentlessly work for the good of the society, particulary the weaker sections, women, young girls and senior citizens, put him in a class of his own and elevate him to the select club of the truly great. Rev. Siddh Bhauji is the motivation and guiding spirit behind all philanthropic and socially relevant activites of Jeev Sewa Sansthan and Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society, Bhopal.  


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