Nukkad Natak

 JAGRUKTA (Nukkad Natak)      

                        1               Group

     (6-12 participants)

   8-10 Min



  1. Act can be bilingual (English/Hindi)
  2. The script can be original adaption. If it’s an adaption of already published work, due credit must be must be given to the author.
  3. The parameters used to judge the events would be creativity, clarity of thoughts regarding theme and acting.
  4. Electronic musical instruments/mikes/sound system are not allowed.
  5. Participants will have to bring their own props.
  6. Any form of obscenity may result in penalty at the discretion of judges. It may range from point deduction to disqualification.


Ms Ruchi Malviya – 9827615401

Ms. Gayatri Belani- 8085534100